फर्जी रेप मामलों पर पुरूष अधिकार ढांचा जरूरी: अमिताभ ठाकुर

: यूपी के पुलिस महानिरीक्षक अमिताभ ने फूंका बिगुल : Court is keen about these complaints : Now time has come for review & restructuring of our constitution in the interest of Justice :

मेरी बिटिया संवाददाता

लखनऊ : पिछले डेढ़ दशकों से मुतवातिर संघर्ष कर रहे हैं यूपी के पुलिस आईजी अमिताभ ठाकुर। मूलत: बिहार के रहने वाले अमिताभ को अपनी आधी नौकरी का वक्‍त या तो निलम्‍बन पर बिताना पड़ा है, या फिर फर्जी मुकदमों से निपटने में। उन्‍हें कभी गायत्री प्रजापति जैसे नराधम कहे जाने वाले नेताओं से जूझना पड़ा, तो कभी समाजवादी पार्टी के सुप्रीमो रह चुके मुलायम सिंह यादव ने उन्‍हें सीधे धमका दिया कि उनका अंजाम बहुत बुरा हो जाएगा। केवल इतना ही नहीं, अमिताभ को बसपा की सरकारों के अफसरों की नाराजगी भी खूब उठानी पड़ी। और ताजा मामला तो उन पर ऐसा पड़ा जिसमें कुछ महिलाओं ने उनके साथ बलात्‍कार का आरोप तक लगा दिया।

हालांकि ऐसे आरोप अदालत में झूठे साबित हो चुके हैं, लेकिन अमिताभ नेताओं की ऐसी साजिशों से बेहाल भले न हुए हों, मगर अब व यह हर्गिज नहीं चाहते हैं कि भविष्‍य में किसी अन्‍य व्‍यक्ति पर ऐसा कोई घिनौना फर्जी आरोप लगाया जा सके। आज उन्‍होंने एक नया मुद्दा उछाला है, जिसमें कहा गया है कि महिलाओं द्वारा पुरूषों पर भी रेप और यौन शोषण के फर्जी आरोप लगाये जा रहे हैं। ऐसी हालत में जिस तरह महिला अधिकारों को लेकर कोई अधिकार दिया गया है, उसी तरह पुरूषों को भी सुरक्षात्‍मक अधिकार भी दिया जाना चाहिए।  लिंकडेन पर उनके इससे जुड़े एक लेख कर उन काफी प्रतिक्रियाएं आयी हैं। आप भी उन्‍हें पढ़ना चाहें तो:-

Amitabh Thakur :-

With false rape and sexual assault charges increasing in number, we need equal protection of Men's Right as that of Women's Rights. Open options for S.D Vijeyan’s post


Court is keen about these complaints

Arrest in S. 498A , S 497 and S. 376 of IPC were already in question. Now court taken action against arrest in SC & ST Cases than BJP and many other political parties made this as issue of safety to SC & ST. Many of my friend declared this as #Return_of_MANUVAD. Misuse of law can only be understood by the victim of that misuse no-one can justify the same by sitting in AC Room.

Srinath Kashyap Contract Management Specialist at SAP Labs:-

Justice is same for everyone. No one should use word like 'counter'. Courts cannot get the nittygrirtys of the issues. If the same situation continues men and women forums starts fighting on roads. Media and police will be confused  whom to support. Along with them..gays, lesbians, transgenders starts their fight for equal rights then..that would be the peak stages of Democracy.

Adv Sushil Raaja MA.MBA.LLM Addl Standing Central Govt. Counsel:-

Now time has come for review & restructuring of our constitution in the interest of Justice


R u thinking so? If one talk to amend any provision of IPC you will suggest to rewrite the Constitution. Were you seriously a law student?

subodh bansal False dowry charges are also very high.:-

Mostly home women are giving threat to Lodge dowry charges  or sexual assault charges. Women are creating  pressure at Men.

Important issue is that gang rape is increasing. Dowry is increasing.

Dowry death is increasing.

Stern Law can not solve the problem.

I plan ideas. I can not change the law.

One thing I can do is to start campaign.

I want to give sex policy through social media. I wrote content. I need good team to prepare videos. This will address all problems of sexuality.

2. For false cases issue. I can start campaign which will explain why a person should not Lodge false cases or false witness. I wrote content. I need good team to record videos and circulate on social media.

Mira Swaminathan Intern at European Centre for Press & Media Freedom (ECPMF) :-

I understand the impact a false rape/assault case can have, however the need for a "men's rights law" is appalling especially when there is a deep rooted structure of patriarchy that is existing in our system.

There's a difference between a 'reported rape case' and an 'unreported rape case'.  In a study of say, 49% of rape cases in Delhi are false, one should understand that the statistics only highlights the numbers of the reported ones, completely ignoring the fact that many true incidents are unreported because of the social system that silences victims. Moreover, even in the reported ones, most of them are filed by families for revenge in case of eloping.

I understand there can be a  misuse of the law, however, misuse of a law shouldn't be the only reason why a parallel law should be made.  This is just a counter argument to the idea.

Palak Mathur Manager, Software Engineering at Capital One :-

Agree with you Mira Swaminathan. An introduction of a parallel law to counter the fake cases is not going to solve the issue. These laws are meant so that the victims find the judicial system accessible. Few false positives doesn’t mean that you have to retaliate with a counter law. Anyway, how do you know the false positives are actually false positives and not false negatives? Based on evidence, right. If that is the case, then existing law sufficiently handles that. The counter-laws for a law will just lead to a cyclic disorder, which will not be easier to maintain.

Apurv Jain Junior Consultant- Energy Practice at ICF:-

I agree. Section 497 could be a good start too.

Its appalling why our so called "feminist" are shut on this. Lets talk about equality here also.

Mira Swaminathan Intern at European Centre for Press & Media Freedom (ECPMF) :-

Section 497 is a 'sexist' provision and not a 'feminist' provision. Both the sexes are affected by it.

"Consent and connivance of the husband" is taken into consideration implying that women are treated as property. And also,  wife cannot file a case of Adultery against her husband, only the husband can, thus proving the law is sexist in nature.  It should be decriminalized for the right reason.

Anant Jha, Company SecretarySecretarial Audit, Advisory on CSR,Corporate Law Practice,FEMA,RBI,Companies  : Act, Internal Audit, Compliance, SOP

Welcome steps. Gender equality can't be suppressed

Vishal Gandhi

and national training provider and automatic Rice Mill installation, in India

Haaaa , ha dar gaye h kya e neta se jim jayeye or yoga kejeye ,hanuman j puja kareye

Aashish Gupta Planning Professional :-

Fully Agreed

Kapil Gupta Associate Director - Talent Supply Chain at HCL Technologies :-

Very true.  Though constitution is based upon equal opportunity eight for all,  however number of rules and regulations fails to meet this fundamental right

RAJJYA RAMBIIR SHARMAA Senior Software Engineer in Govt. of India Company :

I agree sir

If any need of help then I am ready

bhagat singh Plaza Manager at Essel infra :-

Absolutely right sir